As shaving technology progresses we see the number of blades increasing. In reality best results also can be achieved with just 1 good, sharp blade. This is because, depending on the shaving product used, handles with a higher amount of blades can bulk up with stubble and residue quite quickly.This in effect decreases the number of blades and performance while you shave, meaning you may go over the same area of your face several times, creating more irritation. Using the sharpest blades available increases performance and decreases shaving time.

The choice of products is a personal experience and is due to your type of skin and beard. Customers usually find what best suits them from trial and error though we have some guidelines to help out: Shaving creams don’t dry skin as much and moisturise the beard, making it easier to shave with a lower amount of blades. Oil is predominantly for sensitive skin, the blade easily glides over your skin with less friction causing less irritation. To achieve the best result we suggest you use shaving oil as a pre-shave and then apply a 2nd shaving product.Cream or gel shaving soaps like glycerine soaps are very good for your skin and have very little chemical additives as well as providing enough lubrication to reduce irritation. These are easily applied to your face by using a good brush and a shaving bowl with water. Shaving gel and foams are quick alternatives and prove to be quite effective, though they lack in the same quality, some of these products can give a sensation of freshness when applied to the skin which makes shaving more comfortable.

Badger brushes are optimal especially for sensitive skin, animal hair retains more water than synthetic bristles and therefore a thicker lather is achieved. Badger brushes come in several levels depending on the quality and softness of the hair, these range from a badger/synthetic mix to the top of the range Silvertip.

Since the cut-throat is an intricate tool, when you buy a razor through our store we send documentation collected from our manufacturers and our own expertise, instructing on how to utilize your shaving tool and maintain it sharp. You may email us If you have further queries after you have purchased the tool and receive the documentation sent. shavercity@gmail.com. Cutthroats can last a lifetime.

Once again this comes down to personal choice. It needs to be understood though that the electric shavers of today, especially wet/dry systems, can shave as close as the conventional counter-parts. Wet/dry shaving is a relatively new concept and has many advantages such as the ability to moisturise your skin and beard as you shave, making shaving easier and more comfortable. The advantage of electric shavers is that the blades are not in direct contact with your skin, so there is no risk of cutting your face or burning. Electric shavers are gentle on your skin, though care needs to be taken to choose the best shaver for yourself as the key to decreasing irritation is decreasing the amount of shaving strokes. We never suggest buying an economical electric shaver, the good result are in the medium to high range.

We recommend our customers to use an electric Beard Trimmer from our range and choose always a quality product. Be sure to oil the blades BEFORE EVERY USE, using 1-2 drops and paying attention to lubricating the edges of the blade, turn the trimmer on and gently massage the blade teeth. Turn the trimmer off and attach or slide the beard guide comb onto the blade guide (if not normally attached/built-in). When trimming start from the longest length (the plastic comb further way from the blade) and trim the desired areas of your face. Gradually move the comb upwards against the hair growth and repeat operation until you achieve your desired length. For a stubble look, take off the comb and attach the Stubble or Blending combs, if they come with your appliance, otherwise use the trimmer without the comb.

Be sure to oil the blades BEFORE EVERY USE, using 2-3 drops and paying attention to lubricating the edges of the blade, turn the clipper on and gently massage the blade teeth. Slide or attach the longest comb (higher in number) and cut the hair starting from the base of the neck to crown area in an upward movement and from the front hairline towards the crown area once again. Continue this movement for the whole head removing the bulk of the hair and changing your attachments until you reach your desired length. Cut around the ears starting from the bottom of your sideburn. You will find accessories for trimming around the ears and also for eyebrows in some of the hair cutting kits along with an instruction manual or CD.

We send all our parcels with Australia Post bags or packaged in boxes, depending on the size of your order and weight costs can vary, in this case we will E-mail you and notify you of extra amounts with an Invoice of PayPal, then we will mail your order by AUSTRALIAN POST – Sign On Delivery.

For WA customers our packages arrive after a maximum of 1 week from receipt of funds. Up to 10 days for interstate customers.

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